Regional Head- 2010 to present

ETV Rajasthan is the regional satellite channel in Rajasthan and is a part of the ETV Network of Ramoji Group. Etv-Rajasthan channel claims to have its unique presence in Rajasthan and have its roots penetrated throughout the state. The channel claims to have highest TRP amongst the news channels in Rajasthan.

Key Accomplishments  
·          Have a series of Breaking News, Investigative stories and Special Stories.
·          Managing the team of Correspondents across the region spread around the Western Rajasthan region.
·          Maintaining lead in terms of the viewership and “First” to report any incident.

Regional Correspondent - 2003 to 2010

Zee News, is the news and current affairs channel that has taken giant strides ever since its inception in 1992. Zee News created history in 1999 by becoming the 24-hour Hindi current affairs and news channel in the country. Since its inception it has consolidated its position in the country and in spite of being the only pay channel in its genre, it maintains its position among the top 3 Hindi News channels in the country. In North India, Zee News is a strong contender for the No.1 position in the market. Reported to the news co-ordinator at Noida and was responsible for news coverage in Western Rajasthan.

Key Accomplishments 
·          Had a series of Breaking Stories and Special Coverage in the list including the famous Poaching Case of Jodhpur involving Bollywood star                                             
          Salman Khan.
·          Raised voice against social & dreadful crime that is rape of a foreigner in Rajasthan.
·          Alertness & Awareness on the Border area of Barmer & Jaisalmer.
·          Highlighted the main eye witness of Salman's case & raising voice against the people who dares not to follow the wild life protection policies.
·          Exposed a witchcraft fooling villagers and hurting their religious faith.
·          Exposed Involvement of local females for Pornography MMS i.e. to reveal the grievous social structure.
·          Raised voice against child marriage as revealed the true rape case story of Bhawari Devi & inspired the Producers for movie-making.

Correspondent (2009 to 2010)

·          Reported to the Resident Editor, Rajasthan of HT, a leading national English daily newspaper since 1924 with a circulation of over 1.2 million.
·          Covered important news and events through western Rajasthan including general elections, assembly elections, border related issues, drought 
          reports and other routine newsworthy stories.
·          Ensured that deadlines for the regional and national editions were maintained.

Key Accomplishments
·          Covered all national and international level functions in western Rajasthan.
·          Researched and wrote articles about environmental stories in region.   
·          Responsible for various other issues from the region being highlighted exclusively by HT.

Correspondent (1998 to 2010)

·          A national Hindi daily. Reporting to the Resident Editor - Rajasthan, covering all the key beats including Defence, VIPs, Human Interest stories,  
         Science and Research.
·          Wrote special features.
·          Covered a variety of issues particularly social issues prevailing in region.

Key Accomplishments
·          Played a key role in uncovering key fresh issues in the ‘Salman Khan poaching’ story
·          Implemented the concept of 'Soft Stories' with regular exclusives.
·          Covered various environmental issues as an ongoing awareness campaign.
·          Wrote a series of stories about the corruption prevailing in government departments.

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Teesra Prahar
Editor(Business .)
1992 to 1998
SCAT tv news channel
1999 to 2004
Digi channel
Drishti tv
Dainik Navajyoti

Key Accomplishments

·          Raising the issue of rape case of a German lady & ultimately the law was compelled to punish the culprits within 16 days.
·          Interviewing the main eye witness Harish Dulani of Black Chinkara Salman's Case in 2006.
·          Exposing a witch-craft in rural area who fooled innocent villagers in the name of taking out ghost through his occult & by sword in 2006.
·          Most safe & Secure jail of Jodhpur's loophole were exposed as prisoners communicating through mobile phone to Pakistan in 2006.
·          Exposure of local females involved in pornography MMS in 2007.
·          Exposure of the Case where orphans girls and boys are made drug addict for sexual fulfilment & sexually exploited in 2007.
·          Articles based on Social issues polished in Punjab Kesari & Outlook Magazine for eradication of Child-Marriage (2007).
·          Strenuous labour in from of articles & in newspaper for eradication of child marriage in 2007.
·          Produced a Special Programme “Jeena Isi Ka Naam Hai” on the achievements and life style of who’s-who of the region.


·          Government of Rajasthan Nominated as a trust member of Developmental Committee of Jodhpur's ancient & well renowned Raj Mahal Girls Sr.
·          Sec. School for supporting "Girls Education" (1999 & in progress).
·          Rajasthan Education Minister Shri B.D Kalla awarded for encouraging 'Girls Education' in 2000.
·          Indian Govt. nominated as a committee member of Telephone advisory committee, for positive attitude & thoughts in the field of journalism. 
·          Raj. High Court Justice Shri B.S. Chouhan honored for the reporting in social services & work in 2004.
·          Dondaichaa's Ex-Royal family honored for encouraging Marriage tourism. Former Ruler of Jaisalmer Jai Dev Singh Rawal awarded in 2007.